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The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius is an American computer animated television series created by John A. Davis. It is the spin-off to the 2001 film Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. It originally aired on Nickelodeon for three seasons beginning July 20, 2002 and ended on November 25, 2006, consisting of 50 episodes.

Voice Cast

Main Cast

Secondary Cast

Minor Cast

  • Andrea Martin - Lady (ep45)
  • Bill Farmer - Buford (ep47), Reporter (ep47)
  • Billy West - Blix, Corky Shimazu, Kid (ep50), Lance (ep20), Larry Llama (ep48), Lars (ep31), Lou (ep24), Lucky Joe (ep1), Man (ep21), Phone Voice (ep45), Pilot (ep39), Reporter (ep24), TV Newscaster (ep1)
  • Candi Milo - Amber (ep14), Britney, Female Fish (ep5), Germy (ep12), Ignishka (ep42), Phantom#1 (ep8), Terry (ep11)
  • Carolyn Lawrence - Phantom#2 (ep8), Tina Sue, Yuri (ep48)
  • Charlie Adler - Junkman (ep30)
  • Corey Burton - Dr. Dark (ep15), Head Monk (ep42), Pizza Monster (ep15), Rayburn (ep12), Spamdini (ep44)
  • Crystal Scales - Chicks (ep19), Chuck (ep9), Ike Burke, Kid (ep43), Libby's Brother (ep16), Maggie (ep2), Mrs. Folfax, Ozzie (ep20), Phantom#2 (ep8), Student#2 (ep37)
  • Daran Norris - Baby Quackers (ep35), Nanobot#1
  • Debi Derryberry - Amber, Anya (ep5), Britney (ep31), Chicks (ep19), Emily (ep25), Female Announcer (ep4), Little Brother (ep3), Little Kid (ep48), Mother (ep32), Mother (ep48), Mummy#1 (ep17), Nissa (ep7), Singer (ep31), Ultra Lord Action Figure (ep1), Woman (ep46), Yentl (ep12)
  • Edie McClurg - Grandma Taters (ep44), Grandma#2 (ep44), Grandma#3 (ep44)
  • Frank Welker - Announcer (ep27), Father (ep24), Health Inspector (ep45), Llama (ep3), Mr. Strych (ep33), Mr. Wuggles (ep8), Officer Tubbs, Phantom#4 (ep8), Second Guard (ep28), Special Vocal Effects, Wendel (ep16)
  • Grey DeLisle - Elke (ep46), Mombot (ep30), Sally (ep31)
  • James Sie - Elderly Monk (ep42), Ninja (ep42), You Yee (ep42)
  • Jeff Bennett - Announcer (ep46), Barbarino, Dr. Moist (ep46), Macho Jimmy (ep27), Negative Jimmy (ep27), Newscaster (ep43), Positive Jimmy (ep27), Salesman (ep43), Travoltron (ep43)
  • Jeff Garcia - Boy (ep48), Bystander (ep4), Director (ep50), Fish (ep5), Man (ep15), Man (ep46), Mummy#3 (ep17), Nathan (ep20), Pterodactyl (ep19)
  • Jim Cummings - Atila (ep46), Captain Betty (ep22), Dog (ep48), Goddard Speaking (ep30), Gortox (ep30), Martian#3 (ep49), Mayor, Popbot (ep30), Ultra Lord (ep26)
  • Jim Meskimen - Quentin (ep34)
  • Joe Lala - Mr. Estevez
  • John Kassir - Seymour (ep37), Student#3 (ep37)
  • Kath Soucie - Betty Quinlan
  • Kevin Michael Richardson - Tee, Tremendous Jack (ep20)
  • Mark DeCarlo - Ambercrombie, Announcer (ep50), Clerk (ep20), Commercial Narrator (ep3), Eddie (ep38), Flippy (ep47), General (ep10), Gomer (ep38), Guard#1 (ep39), Instructor (ep19), Janitor (ep2), Jenson (ep15), Man (ep8), Man (ep27), Mayor (ep2), Mr. Vortex (ep16), Newt (ep38), Octopus Man (ep21), Skeezicks (ep15), TV Narrator (ep4)
  • Maurice LaMarche - Goddard Digital Voice (ep3), Man (ep43), Reporter (ep32), Tee (ep32), Ticket Taker (ep43), Zix
  • Megan Cavanagh - Aunt Suzy (ep15), Crowd Member#2 (ep4), Girl (ep1), Gretchen (ep20), Hilgo (ep4), Lunch Lady (ep23), Martian#2 (ep49), Masseuse (ep27), MaternoTron (ep27), Mrs. Moran (ep37), Mrs. Pizza Monster (ep15), Mrs. Vortex, Old Lady Nusbaum (ep2), Phantom#3 (ep8), Sasha Vortex (ep15), Vox, Woman (ep6), Woman (ep8), Woman (ep19), Woman (ep27)
  • Michael Hagiwara - Japanese Announcer (ep20), Master Hong (ep42), Ninja (ep42)
  • Neil Ross - Announcer (ep30)
  • Paul Greenberg - Brobot, Man on TV (ep3)
  • Phil LaMarr - Bolbi Stroganofsky, Pitz (ep48), TV Announcer (ep44), Teenager (ep48), Toy Executive (ep35)
  • Rob Paulsen - Algae Guard (ep46), Announcer (ep46), Banjo Boy (ep47), Big Brother (ep3), Butch Pakovski, Captain (ep10), Chicks (ep19), Chip (ep18), Cowboy (ep31), Crowd Member#1 (ep4), Dad#1 (ep6), Elf (ep24), Eustace Strytch, Evil Jimmy, First Guard (ep28), Funny Jimmy (ep27), Gus (ep2), Guy (ep39), Guy (ep45), Instructor (ep17), Llama (ep5), Llama (ep40), Martian#1 (ep49), Monkey (ep48), Mort (ep27), Mr. Wheezer, Mrs. Wheezer, Mummy#2 (ep17), Narrator (ep17), Ninja (ep42), Oleander, Pterodactyl (ep19), Romantic Jimmy (ep27), Skeet (ep32), Slick TV Pitchman (ep4), Squid (ep5), Squirrel (ep40), Student#1 (ep37), Thomas Edison (ep3), Turkey Bride (ep5), Walter (ep27)
  • Terry Wood - Singer#1 (ep22)
  • Tom Kane - Dean Cain (ep37)
  • Tom Kenny - Copbot (ep40), Interviewer (ep40), Max (ep15), Mr. Moodini (ep15), Nanobot#2, WL3000 (ep2), Wilderman (ep15)
  • Tress MacNeille - Annabelle (ep38), Aunt Kari (ep38), Great Aunt Amanda (ep38)

Special Guests