Shimmer and Shine 2015 DVD Cover
Shimmer and Shine is an American-Canadian animated children's television series created by Farnaz Esnaashari-Charmatz. The series premiered on August 24, 2015 on Nickelodeon.


Main Cast

Secondary Cast

Minor Cast

  • Amber Hood - Female Elf (ep11)
  • Aria Capria - Gazi (ep37)
  • Candace Kozak - Neva (ep33)
  • Danica McKellar - Generic Female Genie (ep24), Layla (ep24)
  • David Fennoy - Neighbor (ep8)
  • Dee Bradley Baker - Artie (ep7), Baby Bird (ep32), Bird (ep34), Chickens (ep25), Chickens (ep41), Crystal Guardian (ep31), Dragon (ep3), Dragons (ep40), Frankenstein (ep8), Generic Male Genie (ep24), Genie Guy#1 (ep41), Genie Guy 2 (ep37), Grocer Genie (ep42), Lili (ep41), Machine Parrot (ep10), Mama Bird (ep32), Parisa, Parrot (ep6), Pigs (ep4), Rocket, Roya, Sai (ep41), Scallywag (ep36), Shark (ep37), Sneezy Bug (ep35), Squirrel (ep42), Zain, Zoomicorn (ep27)
  • Della Saba - Genie Jeweler (ep25)
  • Dino Andrade - Male Elf (ep11)
  • Fred Tatasciore - Wishy Washy Genie (ep39)
  • Grace Kaufman - Imma (ep41)
  • Jay Gragnani - Zia (ep33)
  • Jet Jurgensmeyer - Kaz
  • Jim Cummings - Cleaner Genie (ep5)
  • Justin Felbinger - Delivery Genie (ep20), Genie Boy (ep35)
  • Kimberly Brooks - Flower Vendor (ep35), Genie Girl (ep35), Genie Woman (ep33), Genie Woman (ep34), Genie Woman (ep36), Genie Woman#1 (ep41), Genie Woman#1 (ep42), Genie Woman#2 (ep41), Genie Woman#2 (ep42), Girl Genie (ep26) Girl Genie (ep27)
  • Kin Santiago - Shaya
  • Kitana Turnbull - Minu (ep42)
  • Kyle Arem - Doubling Genie (ep28)
  • Liliana Mumy - Ayla (ep42)
  • Maile Flanagan - Grunts (ep39)
  • Max Mittelman - Bottle Vendor, Boy Genie (ep25), Delivery Genie (ep31), Fruit Vendor, Game Genie (ep35), Genie Boy (ep26) Genie Boy (ep27), Genie Guy#2 (ep41), Genie Man (ep32), Genie Man (ep33), Genie Man (ep34), Genie Man (ep35), Genie Man (ep36), Genie Man (ep37), Grunts (ep39), Juggling Genie (ep42), Old Genie (ep41), Referee Genie (ep27), Shopkeeper (ep32), Vendor Genie (ep42)
  • Mila Brener - Nila (ep37)
  • Miles Hoff - Arcade Employee (ep10)
  • Nika Futterman - Dalia (ep40)
  • Nikki Soo Hoo - Genie Girl (ep25), Samira
  • Richard Horvitz - Gobi (ep31)
  • Tom Kenny - COG (ep39)
  • with Barbara Eden as Empress Caliana (ep31)
  • with Carl Reiner as Santa Claus (ep11)
  • with Kellie Pickler as Zora (ep36)

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