Nathan Carlson (born September 15, 1959) is an American voice actor.

Animation Voice Work


  • Extreme Ghostbusters (1997) - Additional Voices
  • Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi (2004-2006) - Agent X (ep29), Announcer (ep15), Announcer (ep24), Announcer (ep34), Assistant Coach (ep35), Auctioneer (ep18), Biker (ep4), Bill (ep16), Blair, Blender Noises (ep11), Buffoonicus (ep31), Bull (ep37), Bum (ep38), Carnivore (ep4), Chicken (ep16), Chicken (ep30), Concert Promoter (ep33), Coot (ep5), Cow (ep29), Crazy Styxx (ep4), Critic (ep11), Cyclops (ep31), Decibel Destroyer, Deejay (ep38), Director (ep22), Doctor (ep9), Dog (ep32), Edwin Blair (ep35), Evil Anchorman (ep37), Evil Snowman (ep5), Executive (ep22), Fan (ep1), Fan (ep9), Flea (ep31), Foolish Citizen (ep30), Foot (ep31), Geek#1 (ep21), Goat (ep5), Hyena (ep16), Jarhead (ep5), Judge (ep38), Koi Fish (ep14), Koi Fish (ep31), Laundry Guy (ep19), Libnik 148 (ep20), Manager (ep32), Master Franz (ep1), Master Pang (ep1), Mayor (ep2), Mickey (ep31), Mitch, Monster (ep30), Moon (ep21), Murray (ep30), Narrator (ep31), Old Camper#1 (ep27), Old Man (ep33), Orderly (ep15), P.A.L. (ep18), Parrot (ep7), Pedestrian (ep22), Pet Store Clerk (ep21), Phil the Penguin (ep38), Photographer (ep1), Photographer (ep4), Pizza Guy (ep2), Production Assistant (ep11), Puffy Fan 1 (ep38), Race Track Announcer (ep9), Referee (ep34), Rich Man (ep16), Rod (ep26), Rodeo Announcer (ep37), Security Guard (ep35), Shovel Art Guy (ep19), Silky Lame (ep13), Skinny Man (ep15), Slick Shady (ep10), Stage Hand (ep11), Sunglass Clerk (ep32), Super Villain (ep29), TV Announcer (ep20), Tooth Fairy (ep35), Vendor (ep15), Vladimir/Lead Sucker, Voice#2 (ep37), Warden (ep19), Weatherman (ep9), Whale (ep7), Wine Glass (ep16), Zeke (ep5)
  • Rugrats (1997-2002) - Husband (ep144), Spin & Speak (ep144), Sports Announcer (ep103), Weatherman (ep80)
  • Skeleton Warriors (1994-1995) - Dr. Cyborn
  • Squirrel Boy (2007) - Barry Finkster


Audiobook/Comic Voice Work

Audio Drama

Live-Action Voice Work


Video Games

Video Games


  • Number of VA titles on this wiki: (17)
  • Years active on this wiki: 1994-2008.

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