Dave Filoni
Dave Filoni (born June 7, 1974) is an American animator, director and writer.

Animation Voice Work


  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2010-2014) - Black Sun Leader#2 (ep102), Embo, Enforcer (ep103), Jakoli (ep83), Spots Podal (ep107), Tour Guide Droid (ep103)
  • Star Wars Rebels (2015-2017) - AT-AT Driver (ep23), AT-AT Pilot (ep15), AT-AT Pilot#1 (ep39), Cargo Deck Officer (ep30), Green Five (ep33), Green Leader (ep50), Imperial Mandalorian Commander (ep52), Imperial Officer (ep33), Imperial Technician (ep20), Imperial Technician#2 (ep60), Ithorian Driver#1 (ep21), Lead Wren Warrior (ep53), Mandalorian Warrior (ep45), Mining Guild Guard#2 (ep26), Phoenix#2 (ep18), Phoenix One (ep27), Phoenix Three (ep24), Phoenix Two (ep37), Prisoner#1 (ep55), Rebel Crewmamn (ep32), Rebel Trooper#1 (ep40), Rodian (ep19), Scout Trooper (ep34), Scout Trooper (ep58), Slave#2 (ep59), Stormtrooper (ep23), Stormtrooper#1 (ep25), Stormtrooper#1 (ep56), Stormtrooper#2 (ep19), Stormtrooper#2 (ep30), Stormtrooper#3 (ep34), Stormtrooper#4 (ep56), Stormtrooper Commander (ep23), Stormtrooper Commander#2 (ep25), Stormtrooper Deck Officer (ep27), Stormtrooper Guard#2 (ep57), Supercommando#3 (ep36), Thrawn Trooper#1 (ep46)

TV Specials

Live-Action Voice Work



  • Number of VA titles on this wiki: (6)
  • Years active on this wiki: 2010-2017.

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