Betsy's Kindergarten Adventures 2008 Poster
Betsy's Kindergarten Adventures is a slice of life cartoon television series intended for young children. The show aired between January 19, 2008 and January 17, 2009 on PBS Kids, consisting of 26 episodes.


Main Cast

Secondary Cast

Minor Cast

  • Fred Willard - Pet City Clerk (ep12)
  • Joey D'Auria - Mr. McKeever (ep22), Mr. Purdy (ep10), Mr. Twilly (ep11), Officer Friendly (ep18), Professor Glick (ep20)
  • Richard Horvitz - Clerk (ep19)
  • Tom Bosley - 3rd Brother (ep23), Farmer Warner
  • Vicki Lewis - Chief Blaze (ep15), Miss Monroe (ep7), Mrs. Beady (ep2), Mrs. Brody (ep7), Mrs. Chefwell, Mrs. Murphy (ep23)

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